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We make daring hot sauce for daring people.

If you've received a link to this page we'd love you to partner with Condimaniac sauces. Here's a bit about us:

  • Producer of high-quality artisan hot sauce made in Rochester, England.

  • Founded by Kier Kemp (Fearless Vampire Killers, Inklings) and Jennifer Dreier (Deviate Digital)

  • Promotion of our products and partners supported by successful instagram feed (4K+ followers), blog and mailing list.

Here's a little about the products:

  • Council certified

  • 5* hygiene rating

  • Vegan and gluten free

  • Guaranteed 18-month shelf life

Our Sauces

Sweet heat with fragrant spices

Heat: 4/5

A hot sauce boasting three varieties of chilli and blends the aromatic spices of the Middle East with a sweet kick.

Bright and deliciously savoury

Heat: 3/5

A medium hot sauce made with a savoury chilli and garlic base then flavoured with the 'Komodo Dragon' chilli.

Fruity mango meets earthy curry

Heat: 2/5

A sauce made with a fruity base of fresh mango and flavoured with a delicate mix of South Asian spices.

What they're saying

"Kier' & Jen's passion for hot sauce is evident from their extensive work reviewing hundreds of sauces from around the world, and they've used all that experience to create their own terrific hot sauce range. His sauces not only taste great but the new designs mean they have fantastic shelf presence too. On top of all that, Kier's a delight to work with. What more could you ask for?! :)" - Jen, Hop Burns & Black (Stockist)

"Smokey dragon hot sauce is one of my favourite tasting hot sauces, will definitely be buying more." - Jamie Rowlands, (Facebook Review)

"Seancé sauce tastes so good" - Shane Erin Elvis, (Facebook Review)



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Siren's Island 

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