Atkins & Potts Brown Sauce

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ Next I'm going with another British staple, brown sauce. Here's what I thought of @atkinsandpotts take on the classic.

_ 👁 The label is quite understated and elegant. I'm not a massive fan of the fact that there's about 3 different fonts in the title but the embossed silver lettering is very classy, we like classy. They've kept the colours minimal too, it ticks all the boxes. _ 👅 Now I know that Brown sauce is supposed to be tart but this is very tart. There's some interesting flavours that emerge sure, from the peppery undertone to the hint of cloves but for me personally I would have like to see that vinegar balanced out with a tiny bit more sweetness. It all tastes like good quality stuff though so it may well be down to personal preference. _ 👭 Brown sauce is great with bangers. To the Americans out there that's what us Brits call sausages. I also quite like to dollop it on my beans if I'm having beans on toast for an extra tang. _ 🍕 This one is pretty diptastic. Ever so slightly on the thin side but it's such a strong flavour that you don't need much.



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