Sauce Review: Auntie's Sauces Indian Ketchup

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Heat:🔥 I picked up this bottle earlier today when delivering a re-order of my own sauce to @thebroadwaydeligrocery. Jan the owner of the store said it was his favourite so I needed to know what it's all about. Let's see!

_ 👁 It's a pretty good looking sauce. In a big old bottle with a nice modern naive art style design and I like the fact that the label is die cut into an irregular sharp. No tamper evident seal though. Which I do always find a little disconcerting... _ 👃 It smells tangy like a ketchup should, I'm also picking up some cumin and a hint of something a little fresh which I think might be the mint. _ 👅 I can see why Jan likes this sauce. It's a curry ketchup alright, just like the ones I have when I got to Germany but this one is made with premium ingredients. First you get a really sweet cumin flavour, then fresh tomatoes and a touch of mint under all the other spices. On paper I was wondering how that would work but it's actually really lovely. The bottle claims that this is 3/5 on the spice scale... but it's definitely not, I could drink this stuff. I might do just that. A lovely sauce from a family recipe. _ 👭 I really like curry ketchup just on chips to be honest, as it's got so much flavour of its own it can overpower other foods. Failing that try dipping in some samosas or onion bhajis. _ 🍕 It's a little thinner than normal ketchup so be careful when pouring as the bottle his a wide rim. Still a great dip though as it's sweet and sticky.



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