Bacowkatowary Garlic Sauce

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Poland is famous for its mayonnaise so I was excited to try this garlic twist. Here's what I thought of the @bacowkatowary Garlic Sauce!

_ 👁 The label is simple but tasteful. They keep it to two colours and a naive art style logo that's cute. My favourite part is the top though, with the paper fastened by an elastic band. It gives it that artisan homemade jam look, very nice. _ 👅 Unlike lots of garlic sauces this is not overpowering. It starts smooth and rich with a creamy mayonnaise flavour, it has a tang but it's delicate and pleases the tongue. There's a little bite from the pickles and then you get the garlic. It tastes natural and is both subtle and prominent at the same time. If that's even possible. This is one of the nicest mayo's I've ever eaten. _ 👫 This was road tested with a cheddar cheese sandwich and sauerkraut with a little mustard too, It went down a treat. Other than sandwiches I can see this working nicely with a potato salad. _ 🍕 It's thick but smooth so almost the perfect dip. It would go amazingly with pizza so that's definitely my next port of call. Goodbye wasteline it was nice knowing you!


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