Hot Sauce Review: Barnfathers Pineapple Hot Sauce

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Heat:🔥🔥 Back to hot sauce with @barnfathersand this pineapple number! Born in the trendy Hackney Wick, London I picked this up whilst dropping off some of my own sauce at @thespiceshoplondon. I was drawn to the label. Let's see how it measures up!

_ 👁 Well as mentioned the label is what made me pick this up. It's a great, exciting and a professional design. It only uses 3 colours and the illistration is cool and bold. When a sauce can't be tasted the label has to do the talking and this has nailed it. _ 👃 So oddly enough... it smells of pinapple. A lovely fresh and sweet odour that's underpinned with an almost savoury edge. Kind of like tomatoes being boiled down. I'm excited so far. _ 👅 On their insta account it describes this as 'the gateway sauce to all things spicy' and I'd be inclined to agree. This is tasty. Fresh and fruity with a really pleasant mild spice. The pinapple flavour is really satisfying and the red peppers add that cooking sauce dimension that I was picking up with my nose. It's been well seasoned too and isn't overly vinegary. Bloody good job! _ 👫 I can see this with wings as a warm up or maybe try it with some caribbean dumplings, rice and beans! _ 🍕 It's a thin sauce so not a dip but the consistency and heat level does lend itself well to liberally pouring over your food. So get stuck in.


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