Blend Bros Sweet Chilli Sauce

Rating: ⭐ Heat: 🔥 Next up is my first sugar free sauce. @blendbros sweet chilli. I wasn't actually aware this was sugar free when eating, so consider the review one not tainted by expectation.

_ 👁 The bottle is a nice funny little shape, it's a made out of a squeezy plastic and the design, whilst uninspiring is at least tolerable. The first thing I noticed however is the odd dull colour of the sauce, maybe I'm just used to that processed orange that's usually on offer. _ 👅 I tried this along with some of the gyoza pictured (That were actually home made, including the parcel, I know right?!). My first instinct was that I'd missed something so had to have a little more. Nope, it was just a distinct lack of flavour. I guess it makes sense, removing sugar from something that is almost entirely comprised of sugar. I'm all for eating healthy, I think it's good for us and the planet but if you're going to sin, just do it PROPERLY. Don't opt for a watered down version of the real deal. I put this in the same category as frozen yoghurt and alcohol free beer. _ 👭 As mentioned this will go well with food from the orient or as an accompinament to some Halloumi. I'd just buy another brand if you want to taste it. _ 🍕 It would make a good dip, it's slightly less viscous than some sweet chilli and more smooth so sticks better, the bottle isnalso well designed so squeezes out at a nice pace, with control.



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