Brighton Hot Stuff ' Hop Sauce'

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ Heat:🔥🔥🔥 The day is drawing nearer, onto to 8 of 10 posts in collaboration with @hot_sauce_society, London's FIRST hot sauce festival! Coming this April 13th a host of hot sauce producers (including myself) will be gathering in Copeland Park, Peckham for a day celebrating the iconic condiment. I'm going to be reviewing 10 of them, 1 per day, ahead of it and now let's explore what happens when two worlds collide with @brightonhotstuff and their 'Hop Sauce'.

_ 👁 Great design, very fresh and just a little hipster. When I first saw this, before reading up on it I said that it looks like "Brew Dog in a bottle", which I assume is deliberate considering the beer hops in it? Then sure enough on further investigation there was a relationship there of some kind. Hot sauce is the 'new craft beer' in my mind and these guys are ahead of the curve. _ 👃 Zinggggggg. This goes straight to the back of your nose. Such a powerful scent full of citrus fizz mixed with the sting of the vinegar and chillis. Interesting. _ 👅 This has a real marmite flavour. I imagine some people will absolutely love this, like want to marry it, deep, passionate longing for another bottle. For me personally though the bitter citrus flavours lent by the hops and grapefruit are a tiny bit too much, I'd like to see a little more balance there. I can't taste the peppers as much as I'd like and for me personally that's important. Massive points for producing something genuinely interesting though! _ 👭 Have it with Fish. That citrus tang would go brilliantly in a fish taco or with some fried cod. The tartness compliments the fatty, fresh taste of things that come from the sea. _ 🍕 It's a bit thin to be a good dipping sauce, in fact it's quite a bit thinner than lots of the sauces ove reviewed recently. Closer to a classic Louisiana sauce consistency.


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