Choill Chilli Oil

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ Heat:🔥🔥 Next up is a dipping oil from @Choilloil. Perfect for "Dunkin' drizzling, roasting, baking and grilling". Aren't roasting and baking pretty much the same thing?

_ 👁 I can't be kind here. There's no excuse for a label like that. They use PAPYRUS font, the worst of all fonts. It reminds me of this SNL sketch with Ryan Gosling where he can't get over the fact that Avatar used it. It's a shame really as the bottle is quite nice, it's just been ruined with a cheap label that has a bad font and uninspiring picture. _ 👅 If you get past the label then the product itself is good. Which is even more of a shame really. It's obviously really good quality extra virgin olive oil with a lovely aromatic flavour. It's got a kick but is not too spicy so well balanced, I'd dip my baguette in this all day long. Birds eye chillis give a sharp kick that subsides quickly which I like. _ 👭 Chilli oil is best served with pizza in my opinion. Lash that stuff all over your margarita for that bit of extra flavour. Maybe with a little balsamic too. Alternatively just get a good quality baguette and dip dip away. _ 🍕 Oil is great for dipping as it's sticky but also absorbs into bread. I mean I wouldn't really put your chips in it but certainly have a little bowl on the table with your food.


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