Condimaniac's Smokey Dragon Hot Sauce Batch #2

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Heat: 🔥🔥 Not the nicest picture I've ever taken but wanted to give an update on the development of my own sauce, Smokey Dragon. So here's how batch 2 turned out!

_ 👁 So obviously the final product will have a proper label. I've actually got initial designs back and it looks good but needs work. This one is just a jar with a sticker on as it's a tester. I'm looking at 250ml bottles. _ 👅 The last one was a tiny bit too hot as I put 3 Komodo Dragon chillis in. I want it hot but a medium hot really, so it kicks but can be used liberally without ruining your food. This one fell a little short with 1 and a half for the batch, I think the magic number may be 2 for a recipe of this size. The rest of the flavour profile has developed nicely though, it's nice and savoury with just the right amount of sweet smokiness. The quality of the paprika and the vinegar is key to this, got some of that Aspall cider vinegar from back home in Suffolk. Yummy. _ 👭 I've designed this to go well with a range of things. The Smokey flavour lends itself well to mexican food and meats, particularly hot dogs. I love it with pizza and found it amazing on eggs. The sky is the limit! _ 🍕 I've kept the onion and garlic content high with a good helping of tomato in order for the sauce to remain thick enough after blending. I think I've nailed it, the little bit of oil too means it goes smooth and sticky. So dips really well, it's thicker than conventional hot sauce. _


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