Hot Sauce Review: Culley's Chocolate Habanero Applewood

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Rating: ⭐⭐ Heat:🔥🔥 Hailing from New Zealand via Australia Culley's is the brain child of Chris 'Culley' Cullen. A chef and spicy food enthusiast. It's not easy to get hold of in the UK but I picked this up on Amazon. Let's see how @culleys does!

_ 👁 It presents itself well enough. With a font based design and the logo taking centre stage. I like the custom tamper evident seal but this is by no means on a par with some of the amazing designs other artisan hot sauces exhibit. _ 👃 It smells primarily of sweet vinegar with a strong and rich smokey smell. It's not giving much else away so I hope it develops. _ 👅 It starts sweet and fruity with a very mild front mouth spice. This quickly recedes into a very strong smokiness... almost unpleasantly so. They use liquid smoke. An artificial smoke flavouring quite common in BBQ sauce. It can work if used sparingly but I just feel that this falls short of the mark, bordering on artificial. _ 👫 The in your face smokiness would lend itself well to anything pork based. Especially sausage. However I'd be inclined to use this as more of a cooking ingredient. _ 🍕 Despite its challenges it's a nice little dip. Quite thin but sticky and audacious. A redeeming factor in a less than perfect ensemble.


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