DamFine Extra Hot Sauce

Rating: ⭐⭐ Heat:🔥🔥🔥 "Just a boy, standing in front of a pot of boiling hot sauce, asking how hot you like it". @DamFineproducts make a bold claim with the name so let's see what I made if his extra hot sauce.

_ 👁 The look is a little amateur. Pretty standard bottle with a label that looks like it's hand drawn? But not in a good way... It's not the worst I've seen but I think if you're going with the hand drawn or illustrated look you need to go hard or go home. Do something a little more elaborate. _ 👅 There's not much to shout about. The first thing that registers is the vinegar followed by the heat. It's a nice enough heat, pretty instantaneous and builds the more of it you have. The label doesn't list the kind of chillis but at a guess I'd say there's some Habaneros in there, as I can register a reasonably pleasant chilli flavour. Other than that it's not got much going on, which is a shame. If you go with a limited flavour profile you need the best ingredients and to treat them in an interesting way. _ 👫 This would work in a salsa to spice it up a bit or with wings if you like them hot. Maybe even tacos? Just something that's got a lot of flavour itself and use this to add the heat. _ 🍕 It's a thin-style of hot sauce so not a dipping one. There's no limiter on the nozzle either so be careful not to put too much on. It is pretty hot!


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