Dangermates Almost Death Sauce

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ Heat:🔥🔥🔥🔥 I don't usually do two in a row from the same brand but this one had me interested. @Dangermateschill have their own take on a super hot with their "Almost Death" sauce. Here's the verdict!

_ 👁 This is my favourite bottle and label design out of everything I've reviewed thus far. I'm a bit of a goff at heart and I love the illustration of the skull with the chilli on the simple black background. The little bottle has a historic feel. Like you've uncovered some kind of lost artefact. S.E.X.Y. _ 👅 It's difficult to get super hot sauces to taste great. Firstly you just get distracted by having your face melted but secondly you're limited with ingredients as if you're not using extracts (extracts are cheating) then every new non-chilli ingredient just dilutes it. This doesn't taste of much but the chillis but it feels like they're some well grown ones with a pleasant spice. Both front mouth and one that builds creating that sheen of sweat on your brow. Maybe it's that Australian sun that helps. _ 👬 This wants hot wings, as long as those hot wings have a nice glaze of their own and this adds the spice. Approach with caution as it's going to make whatever you're eating hoooooot. If you're a seasoned chilli head you'd probably get a lot more out of this! _ 🍕 It's actually a great consistency because of the high chilli content and well mixed too. I wouldn't dip my pizza in it though. Maybe a couple of well placed drops... ouch.


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