Hot Sauce Review: Disco Hot Sauce

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Heat:🔥🔥🔥 I actually met the @discohotsauce founders at a 'Think In' run by @toitoise recently. It was a lot of fun, free beer and plenty of chat about condiments. I saw their passion there, so now let's see if that same passion bleeds into their sauces.

_ 👁 The bottle is nice enough. I like the diversion from the standard Worcester sauce bottle that's common amongst hot sauces. The design is simplistic and tasteful but it does feel like they've economised a little bit with a small round sticker. _ 👃 It smells like tart wasabi with a chilli sting. I imagine it's the English mustard present in the mix. Interesting! _ 👅 On tasting the first thing that registers is that distinct scotch bonnet flavour. It's the first ingredient so whilst they may have chosen a small label there's been no holding back on the sauce itself. Lots of lovely chilli. After that you get the flavour of smooth vinegar and the almost sweet fragrance of the turmeric. It ends with the mustard creeping up, like a musical crescendo. I love disco music and this is full of the same excitement. My only tiny criticism would be maybe a little more salt, to really bring out all that flavour. Sauces of this kind unlike cooking sauces often need more saltiness or sweetness than you'd think, in order to punch through whatever it's paired with. _ 👭 See picture. I road tested this with poached egg on toast and it was delightful. Just the right heat to make your egg exciting. _ 🍕 Due to the high chilli content this has a great consistency. No thickeners used just all natural ingredients, despite me struggling a touch when the sauce gets flowing it comes out like a dream.


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