Encona Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Heat:🔥🔥🔥🔥 Thought I'd venture into one of the staple hot sauce brands and why not start with their hottest sauce ay? Here's what I thought of @Enconaofficial's Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce.

_ 👁 This is like a smaller version of my Smokey Dragon Hot Sauce bottle so I've got to like it really. It's well designed if not a touch tacky with the whole 'toxic waste this is really hot' vibe that's a bit overdone. The colours are satisfying though and the branding on the bottle seal is a nice touch. Overall an attractive effort. _ 👅 I instantly like this. The first thing to register is the strong taste of cumin, which is an acquired taste but I personally really like it. That's followed by a savoury tomato flavour and a big dose of salt, with the heat slowly rising. It's a back mouth spice and builds to quite the climax which got me dancing. My one criticism however would be that they've gone a bit heavy on the salt with little to balance it out, it almost made me squint it's so salty... and mate I love a bit of salt. _ 👭 I had this with my eggs this morning as part of a full English with a twist. It was flipping wonderful, poached them bad boys to perfection. Also try it with Mexican food because CUMIN. _ 🍕 I also had it with some pizza this afternoon and it's a great dip. Thicker than the traditional Louisiana hot sauce it sticks nicely. They've also nailed the bottle top as it comes out at exactly the right pace. Experts at play here.


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