Gin Mayo

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ I was very excited about this one. A mixture of two of my favourite things... this time from the Netherlands. GIN MAYO!

_ 👁 The packaging has a cool retro look to it. The blue is bright and the added bonus of it being a squeezy bottle makes it easy to apply. The mayo itself also has a rich colour, which is attractive. _ 👅 It starts like a good quality mayo with a rich flavour but a tiny bit sweeter than usual. That gives way as the gin flavour comes through subtly with a slightly spiced/herbal element. I was pleasantly surprised. In all honesty I didn't think this would work but the botanicals in the gin really compliment the mayonnaise. _ 👬 This is the only slight sticking point. It doesn't go as well with plain things such as chips due to the almost sweet element. However... It does work really well within other foods things like a sandwich to add an extra dimension to the flavour. _ 🍕 This particular mayo is just right for dipping. Some boarder on being gelatinous but gin mayo has a smoother consistency. Would be good with pizza!



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