Great British Sauce Co. Chip Shop Curry Sauce

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐We've tasted sauces from all around the world and it's left me longing for dear old blighty. There's nothing like curry sauce with fish and chips so here's what I thought of @gbsauce's chip shop curry sauce!

_ 👁 It's all very patriotic. They've nailed the tacky British sea side look and it totally works. From the stripey label to the union jack shrink wrap, it shouldn't work but it does. I like the font too for the company name, it's playful and brings up feelings of innocence and holidays from long ago. _ 👅 Unpopular opinion maybe... but I think this might actually be better than real chip shop curry sauce. It's not hot (tenpurature wise) but also doesn't leave that film of pure fat in your mouth after eating. First thing I get is the sweetness, but it's more of a fruity sweet from the plum puree. After that you get the savoury curry flavour with plenty of cumin and just the right amount of salt. The fennel gives it another dimension though, this just seems to have a tiny touch of class that you don't get with the shop served stuff. Addictive. _ 👭 Other than the obvious combo as pictured I'd use this with burgers. Bean burgers particularly as the sweetness would work really well as a substitute for relish. _ 🍕 It's SO good as a dip. The consistency is just right, kind of like the little sauce pots you get in McDonalds. It just sticks. The bottle is also perfect for the pour, no stuck sauce here... just smoooooth goodness.


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