Half Moon Bay Iguana Atomic Pepper Sauce

Rating: ⭐⭐ Heat:🔥🔥🔥 Imported from Florida USA into my local TK Maxx store, this sauce claims to be so hot it's radioactive. Here's my review of @HalfMoonBayTC's 'Atomic Pepper Sauce.

_ 👁 I have a soft spot for these massively over the top hot sauces labels. It's just awesome. I mean it's a goddam lizard with a hard hat on what's not to like? It's garish and bold and evokes all the playfulness that hot sauce should. It certainly grabbed my attention enough for me to pick it up! _ 👅 Unfortunately the taste doesn't live up to the excitement of the cover. It's one of those hot sauces that taste of vinegar and salt and not much else. There is a heat but it's not quite as punchy as the label would suggest. They profess it to be 'about as hot as you can get without extracts' and that's just not the case. Put some Carolina Reapers or Komodo Dragons in there and you'll get a sauce much much hotter. Anyway although they do use natural ingredients to me it just falls short of the mark. _ 👬 It's like a less good version of Frank's. So maybe best for use in some cooking, or on a burger stand selling cheap overpriced meat to fair goers. _ 🍕 It's a watery sauce so not a dip and maybe a little too hot for a go too table sauce. You could maybe drink it for a dare?


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