Healthy Boy Sweet Chilli Sauce

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ Heat:🔥🔥 Had to do a sweet chilli sauce eventually I guess! This is another one that I picked up in the Asian Supermarket in Camden Town. This time a Thai brand here's what I thought of Healthy Boy Sweet Chilli Sauce.

_ 👁 The label is hilarious much like the name. It looks like those terrible food photos you get in really bad kebab shops open until 4am. Plus a good dose of terrible fonts. I actually really like the weird baby they've used for the Healthy Boy logo, they should have just used that! _ 👅 I guess it's difficult to go wrong with sweet chilli sauce and this one delivers a very standard flavour. It's sweet, mildly spicy and oddly gelatinous, with a couple of E-numbers thrown in for good measure! Maybe they all use the same supplier and just stick it in different bottles, who knows but these guys aren't re-inventing the wheel. _ 👫 Sweet Chilli is very versatile. I love having it in wraps (you may have noticed but I enjoy a good wrap), on a stir fry, with chips or sushi. It may even be nice on ice cream... you never know?! _ 🍕 You'd think that sweet chilli was a great dip but I find it difficult. There weird stringy nature of it means it doesn't really stick to things as well as I'd like. This one is better than most but still not perfect.


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