hot sauce review: El Niño

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ Heat:🔥🔥 Origin: London, UK. El Niño are a relative newcomer to the scene and were kind enough to post this bottle to me. Based out of Haggerston in London, my old stomping ground. Let's see what their hot sauce has to offer. _

👁 This is one of the most beautiful labels I think I've ever seen on a hot sauce. Amazing design, brilliant use of colour and printed onto matt paper which makes it feel quality. It's also a sharknado. What's not to love? _ 👃 It's not giving too much away at this stage. I can definitely smell the red pepper and soy sauce plus a little tang from the cider vinegar. Very savoury. _ 👅 So first we get celery salt. A lot of salt too, almost overpowering. That's followed by a slight smokiness and a delayed back mouth spice. It's not too hot this at all, like a cheeky afterthought but not unpleasant. Despite there being Reapers in there it's only enough to tickle. Generally however this doesn't really appeal to my taste, I think there's probably a place for it but it seems to lack any balance. All salt and no dominant flavour with a touch of bitterness that makes it feel more like a cooking ingredient than a condiment. _ 👫 I'd use this with tacos for some extra kick, or as an ingredient in a chilli recipe. The smokiness would lend itself well to that. _ 🍕 A lovely generous 300ml bottle but a few issues with consistency here. I gave it a good shake but it's just a little too thick to pour well and that makes it a little frustrating.



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