Hot sauce review: Flaming Licks Introduction Box

It’s time again to look outside our own bottles and see what the scene has to offer. We stay informed and you get to discover new sauces. Today we are looking at the @flaminglicks introduction box which they kindly sent to me for review. Once signed up, they'll send you hot sauces and treats straight to your door. Our very own Séance was actually in the December box!

_ 👁 The whole set came well packaged in a custom branded box. No plastic was used either! Inside are five different products: three hot sauces, a chilli oil and some snack chickpeas. _ 👃 As there are so many products we will narrow it to our favourites: The naga sriracha and the Reaper ketchup! As you'd expect, the sriracha smells of lovely chilli and garlic, the reaper ketchup smells like... Carolina reaper chillies. It really does. It contains 20% of the bastards so this will be hot. _ 👅 The sriracha wins hands down. It's got a good balanced flavour, sweet, tangy and garlicky. The reaper ketchup packs more than a punch. I don't know if I'd be brave enough to use as ketchup... it's spicy. The first ingredient is sugar so it's sweet. I wish it was a little more savoury but other than that it's nice and bright and tastes of chillies. _ 👬 I'd pair the sriracha with anything - I can see why it comes on a key ring. The Reaper ketchup would go well with chips or baked camenbert as it's so sweet. _ 🍕 No pour shots today but both the sriracha and reaper ketchup have optimum dipping consistency - thick but pourable. _ Overall an exciting concept for any chilli lover to discover new products every month!



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