Hot Sauce Review: Succulento Yellow Chilli Ketchup

HOT SAUCE REVIEW - It’s time again to look outside our own bottles and see what the scene has to offer. We stay informed and you get to discover new sauces. Next up is @succulentoltd and their Yellow Chilli Ketchup. (Review by @kierkemp)

_ Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Heat:🔥 Origin: UK. Flavour in droves. _ 👁 The design is basic. Not terrible by any means but in such a crowded market it runs the risk of looking a little lost on the shelves. _ 👃 it smells sweet, fresh and hearty. Almost like a really adventurous soup. I’m getting some of the spices too. _ 👅 It would be a shame for this to get lost as it’s f**king delicious. You can tell when love has gone into a recipe and this has it all. It’s interesting, well balanced, subtle and moreish all at once. You can taste the vegetal flavour of the turnips even, balanced by the sweetness of the mangoes and a lovely aniseed like flavour at the end from the cloves. It crescendos with the spice too, which is mild but used well. Delicious. _ 👫 I’ve nearly polished off the bottle already. Great with chips, on some lasagne or on its own! _ 🍕 It’s very thick but in the right bottle to pour well. Mango makes lovely sticky sauces and this is no exception. _ Overall one of the best mild condiments I’ve had for some time.


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