Howl at the Moon Hot Sauce

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ Heat:🔥🔥 Next is 3 of 10 posts in collaboration with @hot_sauce_society, London's FIRST hot sauce festival! Coming this April 13th a host of hot sauce producers (including myself) will be gathering in Copeland Park, Peckham for a day celebrating the iconic condiment. I'm reviewing 10 of them, 1 per day, ahead of it and next we go to @hatmsauce produced by a DJ of the same name!

_ 👁 It certainly looks cool. The design has a kind of 90s graffiti vibe to it, I can imagine It as a screen print because of the bold block colour. The matt black seal at the top is also a lovely touch, adding a touch of class to an otherwise playful ensemble, bravo. _ 👃 This one smells very savoury, kind of like a stock cube or bowl of gravy. If gravy was made from chilli and vinegar... it's not unpleasant though. Let's see how it tastes! _ 👅 Oddly it's quite a mild flavour to begin with, not much stands out. There's definitely a slight freshness from the tomatoes and a pleasant garlicy after taste but it's lacking salt. I actually added some salt to it and tried again, which was a definite improvement. Salt is a flavour enhancer so very important in hot sauce. The spice is nice however, decent mix of full body from the scotch bonnets and bite from the birds eye chillies. _ 👭 This would pair well with pizza for sure but you'd need some ketchup with it too in order to add a little sweetness. I always have at least three sauces with my pizza anyway, sauces are best in threes. _ 🍕 It's pretty thick for a hot sauce due to the high tomato content and that makes it great for dipping. You could even dip your tortilla chips in this too for some extra punch!


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