Hot Sauce Review: Howl at the Moon Spicy Breakfast Sauce

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ Heat:🔥 @howlhotsauce is made by a fellow music lover and named after his club night here in the UK. I previously had a go on the hot sauce and now some time has passed thought it right to give some breakfast sauce a spin with my eggs. Let's get into it.

_ 👁 I like the design of these sauces. This one is a little simpler, mainly text based it's been well composed with what I think is some sausages in the middle. It doesn't feel premium in any way but that's ok. Not all things need to be fancy. _ 👃 on breathing it in it's mainly sweet. With a malty edge from the vinegar and a fresh fruitiness. After a few seconds the back of your nose begins to tingle from the touch of spice. Nothing is slowing my mind yet but sometimes smell can be deceiving. _ 👅 I've had this bottle a while and it still tastes fresh. It's chunky and sweet with a spicy tickle, followed by a good dose of real tomato and onion. My only real problem is that after you've made sense of that it feels like there's a tiny bit missing. Maybe a tad more seasoning is needed. Also despite an impressive selection of spices listed the individual flavours (particularly the ginger) don't really seem to come through. It definitely feels like a work in progress. _ 👫 Naturally this was made for breakfast. Think fancy HP sauce with more natural ingredients. _ 🍕 The consistency really is lovely. Chunky but not separated it comes out nicely from the bottle, almost like a fresh chutney but less sticky.



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