Hunter & Gather Avocado Garlic Mayonnaise

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Another day, another mayo. Next up is the @hunterandgatheruk Avocado Oil Garlic Mayonnaise. Apparently they're the first of the new swathe of avocado based mayos, which I think as a hilariously sassy thing to state in your instagram bio. On to the review!

_ 👁 Now this label has been designed by someone who knows what they're doing. It's got a good colour palette, subtle garlic cloves in the background that make up a pattern and a nice selection of complimentary fonts that are tastefully laid out. I do however find it hilarious that they feel the need to put every millenial buzz word they can think of on the cover. Paleo AND Keto! _ 👅 Regardless of being the love child of the avocado generation this actually tastes great. It's smooth and buttery but has a nice tang to it. The garlic is subtle but present and works well with that natural earthy umami you get from avocados. There's very few all natural ingredients and the result is lovely. It even has pink salt in it. _ 👫 Garlic mayo goes with almost everything. I road tested this in a wrap and a sandwich, both were lovely. It can also go on your chips (fries for the yanks), in your burger or as a dip for your pizza. _ 🍕 I've now tried 2 avocado based mayos and both have been perfect for dipping. It's something about that oil that leaves the consistency firm but not gelatinous and super smooth. Love it. See the video for the little bits on garlic in it too. Yummy.



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