Hot Sauce Review: Lazy Scientist Hot Sauce

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ Heat:🔥🔥🔥 Next up we have a newcomer to the hot sauce community @lazyferments. Let's see what a crazy lazy science brain can do when turning its attention to sauce!

_ 👁 So obviously this is pretty bare. I'm not sure if it's the finished article yet but if you're going to send your sauce for review you would hope so. Whilst I know first hand adding a little tag is cheaper that getting a proper label printed I'm a sucker for a well branded sauce so this is a little disappointing for me to see. _ 👃 So fresh and so clean (clean). This smells natural, you can really pick up the onions along with that familiar and fruity aroma of scotch bonnet peppers. _ 👅 This is a simple sauce. No bells and whistles just a pleasant savoury flavour followed by the floral fruity richness of the scotch bonnet chillies. I'm not a massive fan of Scotch bonnets by default, I think they're easy to get hold of in the UK but by no means superior when it comes to flavour. That said the way these have been treated is interesting, they've been 'fire roasted' and fermented. Which is intriguing as I thought fermenting usually had to be done when the peppers were raw (feel free to enliten me in the comments). This leaves the sauce a little more subtle than others I've tasted if not a little lacking in stand out characteristics. It has an almost delayed back mouth spice too, it really kicks. _ 👫 I'd have this with some grilled chicken and rice or in a wrap. The savoury herbal mix of flavours would add excitement to simple dishes for sure. _ 🍕 I do especially love the consistency. It's almost creamy with just the right amount of chunks and pours like a dream. Great for dipping too!


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