Maggi Malaysian Chilli Sauce

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ Heat:🔥Next up is @Maggi.Malaysia Chilli sauce. This one is pretty easy to pick up in most big supermarkets so let me know what you think in the comments if you like!

_ 👁 Pretty basic label, not a thing of beauty but not ugly either. Glass bottle with a nice colour to the sauce that works with the yellow. Looks pretty classic but not classy as such. _ 👅 This sauce is SWEET. As in sugary not awesome. It works if that's what you like though. After the sweet the next thing you get is a garlic aftertaste with a hint of tomato. So don't be deceived by the colour. There's the smallest hint of chilli too but don't expect this to be spicy as it's not really. All in all a nice flavour but a little one dimensional for my taste. A safe bet. _ 👬 I went through a phase of using this sauce a lot and the upside of the quite palatable taste is that it pairs with lots of things. I found it went really well in wraps or try it on your spicy bean burger with a bit of cheddar cheese! _ 🍕 It's a great dipping consistency... IF you can get it out of the bloody bottle. It has that annoying diameter that means you have to shake the hell out of it in order to get anything and then it splurts out (see video). GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.



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