Marie Sharp's Exotic Sauce

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Heat:🔥 Marie Sharp's has an interesting story. Created in 1980s Belize by the woman herself and then discovered and brought to Europe by a chap called Jürgen, it's a family run business. A nice man called Oliver sent me some to try, so here's what I think of @mariesharps Exotic Sauce.

_ 👁 The look is pretty good. The sauce itself has a nice colour and the gold circle looks appealing. There's a mix of fonts but they work and it looks classic. I'm not a massive fan of the choice of background colour though, It's kind of pastel and sickly. Missed a trick with the top foil not being the same colour as the circular gold badge too. _ 👅 Exotic is the right word for this. It tastes fresh with just the right balance of sweet and savoury. The first flavour I actually got was Paprika, which I assume is one of the spices they add. That then gives way to a really lovely almost bitter sweetness from the mangos and raisins, next up is a sour tang that hits with the heat. It's very very mild but it's there and just helps to bring out the flavours. You end on garlic to keep things savoury and it's been a bit of a journey. Love it. _ 👬 This is quite sweet. So I see it going really well in burgers instead of relish or with pork. For the veggies get a lovely spicy bean burger or try it on pizza with some added garlic dip. I love to mix. _ 🍕 This is a really good dip. It was hard to get out of the bottle because of the natural ingredients. Sometimes they coagulate at the top. However once out of the bottle it's thick but pourable and sticky.


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