Meat Lust Katsu Curry Sauce

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

Rating: ⭐⭐ Next up! We have the @MeatLust Katsu Curry Sauce. It's described as a marinade and dipping sauce but my marinading didn't quite take. So onto the taste of the dip!

_ 👁 Outwardly this looks great. I picked it out of a lot of other potential options as it has a cool little cat on the front and a nice font. The bottle is also translucent which gives you an idea of the colour of the sauce itself. _ 👅 Initially the Katsu flavour creeps in but nothing really strikes you. There's a slight sweetness to it but all in all it lacks depth. Not terrible but it does come off as tasting a little synthetic. _ 👭 This definitely works with meat as the name suggests but wouldn't have a massive range of other uses. Chips being the only other real option that springs to mind. _ 🍕 It's got a good consistency and not too thick or too thin. Although as mentioned it probably wouldn't work massively well with pizza. Which I consider to be the best test for dipping!



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