My Sauce Spicy Pinapple Marinade

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ Heat:🔥🔥 Born in the Caribbean but having made his home in the UK @my.sauce wants every dish to have flavour like when he was growing up. You've got to check out his website too he's definitely a happy guy, so happy that he's jumping for joy! Here's my review of his Spicy Pinapple Marinade.

_ 👁 I feel bad but I have to be honest. The label looks like is was designed on MS Word Art in 1995 and hasn't been updated since. It's 2018, I mean I will happily make a new label for you. Anything to save us from this blight of poorly represented sauce... Or just go to and get one for... well, a fiver. _ 👅 I struggled to get my head around this one. It's nice enough but I wasn't mad on the consistency, then again it's labelled as a marinade not a sauce so it would make sense that it was thicker. It's definitely tangy at first and then sweet second. Maybe a little too tangy... You've got to be careful when mixing fruit into sauce as the acids in them contribute to what's already being added by the vinegar. It's got a really pleasant spice though and the spices used as additional flavourings are balanced well. All in all it does what it's supposed to, infuse whatever you're cooking with some lovely Caribbean flavour. _ 👫 This was made for chicken I would say. I would score some breast and put a bunch of this in a bag with it for a good couple of days then grill. Being sure to lather on the excess! _ 🍕 As it's a marinade I can't really recommend for dipping but once you've cooked whatever treat you've been lovingly preparing, get yourself something diptastic and combine the flavours. More is more after all.


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