Mykonos Chilli Sauce

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Heat:🔥🔥🔥 Hailing from a beautiful Greek Island Mykonos Chilli sauce is definitely one if the more exotic chilli sauces that I've had the pleasure of reviewing. Here's my run down on their green variety.

_ 👁 The jar is stumpy and cute. The clear glass allows the vibrant colour of the sauce to come through and the lid has small indentations giving it a slight variation from the usual. The label is simple and appealing too, overall it gives the impression of an artisan sauce, which is exactly what It is. _ 👅 There's very few ingredients in this sauce but the ones that have been used, from the taste, are good quality. It has an almost creamy quality too it, which is pleasant and I can only guess is a result of the blending of the chillis with the oil used. The result is an earthy and smooth flavour that packs an instant punch without being too overwhelming. My only criticism really as that it feels like it could be a bit better seasoned. Tint bit more salt maybe or a slightly sweeter vinegar to balance it. _ 👭 I road tested this on some baked sweet potatoes with sour cream and all the trimmings. In that setting it went really well. The freshness of the green chillis would also work with pasta though as the jar suggests. _ 🍕 It's nice and thick so unlike a lot of hot sauces is a great dipping consistency. The oil base makes it stick well and you can control how much you add as it's in a jar not a bottle, winner.


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