Newman's Own Ranch Dressing

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Bit of white sauce now! @Newmansown Ranch Dressing. With 100% of profits going to charity this is a sauce with a conscience!

_ 👁 It boasts quite a classic looking label with the old illustrated drawing. The thing I like about the bottle though is the lid. Complete with little golden tag to unwrap letting you know you're in for a treat! The glass is also clear to give you a peak into that ranchy Goodness. _ 👅 Now whilst good this is no @hidden.valley That's the real deal. HOWEVER ranch is hard to get hold of in the UK (probably because it's so bad for you) and after spending some time in the US and getting addicted, this was a life line for me. It has that classic creamy, super garlicy ranch flavour with a hint of lemon and herb. The only difference is it's not quite as fatty or thick as the American stuff. _ 👬 I use this shit with everything. Dip for pizza, on a burger or in a sandwich instead of mayo, with chips. You name it. Basically anything BUT salad. _ 🍕 Swipe to see video for dip-tastic action. It's the perfect dip, not too thick. Not too thin. Perfect.


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