Nordisk Lingonberry Ketchup

Rating: ⭐⭐ We have a bit of a festive treat today. Born in Denmark this rather sophisticated looking sauce is based on cowberries. Let's see how it tastes!

_ 👁 It's a beautiful simplistic design. I'm seeing a lot of these lately, like the class is finally coming to artisan sauces and people want their customers to feel special. It's a simplistic design with a nice font selection and colouring that compliments the rich appearance of the sauce. _ 👅 This is where it kind of goes wrong. Don't get me wrong it tastes alright, in the sense that it tastes almost exactly like mulled wine in a bottle. Just imagine though that when someone made that mulled wine they were drunk and accidentally dropped some garlic in thinking it was nutmeg. I get the sweet vs savoury thing, but the balance has to be right. For me this one missed the mark majorly. _ 👬 I'd sooner spread this on your toast than match with a savoury dish. It may work with Turkey instead of cranberry sauce? Let me know what you think in the comments! _ 🍕 If you look at the video I had to get a spoon to get this out of the bottle AND it had been nowhere near a fridge. Not good. There's no thickners in the ingredients though so I don't know how they managed that one...odd.

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