Not Just BBQ Smokey & Sweet Hot Sauce

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ Heat:🔥🔥 @Notjustbbq are a company from the Netherlands that offer "A unique one stop shopping concept". This all sounds very start-up but on to the important question. Does it taste good?!

_ 👁 The look is pretty good. The label is fresh and modern with a select few colours used. The foiling on the logo gives an air of quality and they've got all the essential info, like how hot it is, right there in front of you. The red seal at the top is also nice and vibrant and brings the red in the design together nicely. _ 👅 On tasting the first thing I get is an overwhelming sweetness, it's not unpleasant but definitely closer to a sweet chilli than a hot sauce as I can't detect much vinegar. Interestingly the next flavour that rears its head is garlic, followed almost instantly by a mild teasing spice that's a little cheeky. Oddly the last major development is the smokiness, which is pleasant but all in all it feels like too little too late. _ 👫 I can see this going with lots of things as it's quite inoffensive. Burgers? Sure! Wraps? Definitely! As it's so sweet I'd also try caramelising some bacon in it. I'm making myself hungry now... _ 🍕 They've used a thickening agent which is made obvious by the slightly synthetic texture. As a result though it's worthy of a dip, a little too thin to be perfect but very nearly there.


Condimaniac limited, Registered in the United Kingdom Company number: 12042466