Opal Sunshine Lime-anero Pepper Sauce

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ Heat:🔥🔥 Straight outta the Toon! We have @sunshineopal Lime-anero Pepper Sauce. I love Newcastle, let's see what their sauces have to offer.

_ 👁 The lady with the basket is a nice idea, it suggests a history and I like it when sauces nod to their roots. My issue really is it looks like it's been designed in word. The main colour is nice but the mix of fonts and confused palette suggests this is an amature job. I really do think it's worth getting a designer on your label if you're going to sell a sauce. _ 👅 Something I like about small batch is every one might be a little bit different. The first thing I register here is salt, which is a shame but then it gives way to a nice peppery flavour. You can tell this is all natural and I'd guess that some good quality peppers have been used too, Habaneros have a nice spice, great for tables sauces... they're not too intense and this is the same. After that you get a little of the scotch bonnet that adds that distinct flavour. The lime comes in next, its strong but I guess that's the idea as it's the sauces namesake. Overall this is pretty fresh and yummy! _ 👭 The pleasant heat means it's good to pair. I road tested this with a Halloumi wrap, accidentally put loads on and it was lovely. So fill your boots! Try it also in salsa, the lime would work a treat. _ 🍕 Watch out for the nozzle. It's a wide rim and a reasonably thin hot sauce. They often congele at the top and then shoot out, as with my video. It's not really a dipping sauce but that's fine for a hot sauce, sprinkle with care.


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