P&W Remoulade

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ I'm starting with a favourite of mine. The Danish condiment adopted across mainland Europe. Remoulade.

_ 👁 One of its only let downs. The bottle is coloured like the sauce but opaque, in cheap plastic and an unimaginative label. I assure you however that it's a diamond in the rough. _ 👅 Very sweet and creamy, with a mildly sour taste and a savoury undertone. Hints of onion and salt. _ 👫 Famously eaten with hot dogs and topped with pickles and crispy onions in Denmark. Also good with chips and on bread with cheese. _ 🍕 Dipping can be difficult as this is a thick sauce. It's best on top. Pizza for example goes well but it's difficult to apply.



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