Hot Sauce Review: Pain is good Jamaican Style Hot Sauce

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ Heat:🔥🔥🔥 Next up we have 'Pain is good' Jamaican style hot sauce. It's a bit of a mystery this one. I can't find a website, or any social accounts but it seems to be everywhere! Here's what I make of batch #114.

_ 👁 The label is pretty hilarious. It's been printed on what looks like recycled paper to go with the all natural theme. Bit of an odd choice of font for the brand name but overall this is a decent effort. _ 👃 The aroma is largely of fresh citrusy pineapple and fragrant habanero. It doesn't give too much else away so let's see how it tastes. _ 👅 It starts sour and sweet with a lovely fresh pineapple flavour. This gives way to the heat of the habaneros. I love habaneros, they have such an exciting and instant spice that builds but then then recedes just before it gets too much. They also taste delicious, earthy and fragrant. Unfortunately this sauce doesn't offer much more after this flavour dies away... it's disappointingly front loaded. I'd like to taste more of the jerk seasoning. _ 👫 Naturally this is perfect for chicken. The seasoning in the sauce and the sweetness would lend itself perfectly to a barbecued chicken thighs. _ 🍕 It's nice and thick, which means good for dip. They've managed to achieve this without any artificial thickening agents too, so hats off to them.


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