Ferment Review: Pao Pop n Pickles Vegan Kimchi

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Heat:🔥 In the words of Mr. Big "Baby baby it's a wild world" and we're going off reservation today with my first Kimchi review. The creator @paopopnpickles claims to balance experimenting with selling jars of ferments to feed their kids. I like that. Let's see how it does!

_ 👁 I love how it looks. It's a nice wide jar with a really cute little sticker on the front. The design is minimal but tasteful and it all seems a little playful. Definitely perpetuating the image of the maker in their kitchen feeding their kids. _ 👃 WOWZA. Kimchi is always pungent but this smells beautiful. Garlic, garlic and a little more garlic with that distinct sour note. This has me excited. _ 👅 The flavour does not disappoint. It's much more delicate than the aroma suggests. Yes there's a hefty amount of garlic but you pick up on all the other elements too. The chilli, the ginger, the freshness of the spring onions. Unlike some Kimchi the sourness is subtle and not too overpowering and at the end you get a tiny bit of sweetness from those pears. This jar didn't last long I'll tell you that much. _ 👬 I road tested this with several things as mentioned. Firstly I popped it in a pitta bread with some halloumi, it was lovely. I then had it as a side dish with some ramen. Also lovely. _ 🍕 So this is more an accompaniment than a dip. Check out the video and you'll see those big old chunks of cabbage, which were key to the flavour profile. So no points deducted there.


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