Pepper Kitchen Garlic Sauce

Rating: ⭐⭐ Heat:🔥 You may recognise this name from one of my last five star reviews. So I was excited to try this follow-up sauce. Here's the verdict on @pkflavourfirst's Garlic iteration.

_ 👁 As with the other bottle it looks lovely. A simple yet tasteful design with a matching shrink seal and nice use of fonts. I also like it when brands factor the colour of the sauce into the palette of the design and these guys have definitely done that. _ 👅 Despite this attempting to be a less hot version of their standard hot Sauce and containing a lot of the same ingredients the balance has just gone way off. The lack of chilli means that vinegar becomes the dominating flavour and the sweetness that before was pleasant morphs into a strange after taste. I see what they were going for but you can't just change an ingredient and hope that it still works. Despite having quite a nice garlic flavour that eventually rears its head, I'd go back to the drawing board with this one. _ 👬 I road tested this with some mini-pizzas and it didn't really work. It may work better as an ingredient, like adding to a salsa to make it a little different. _ 🍕 It's a good dip. Little hard to get out of the bottle as the neck is thin but works if you give it a really thorough shake. Not complaints here!



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