Pepper Kitchen Hot Sauce

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Heat:🔥🔥 Sound the claxon! It's my third ever five star review and this time from @pkflavourfirst. Inspired by the Caribbean and made in my very own East London. This was a real treat. Here's the lo-down on their Hot Sauce!

_ 👁 The design is modern and tasteful. I love the font, it does feel very East London 2018 but that means it's likely to sell. The colours compliment the sauce and the white foiling at the top looks nice and classy. Other sauce companies could learn from this. _ 👅 Now the flavour. This was a real surprise to me, it starts with a nice natural sweetness that's created by the brown sugar and then moves into a lovely mustard flavour. That's closely followed by a pleasant heat and flavour from the scotch bonnets, not mild but definitely not offensively hot, the difference here though is that relationship between the scotch bonnet and the mustard. It's a match made in heaven, the floral flavour of the chillis really compliments the sharp sweet mustard flavour. It really is something. _ 👭 This is asking sausages. I road tested it with a fried egg sandwich and it was gorgeous but I can imagine this on a Hot Dog with a good quality sausage and it would be amazing. Maybe a little cheese too. _ 🍕 It's great for dipping. They've cheated a little using Xanthan gum but I'll let them off as it tastes so good. These is good for all the dipping, pizza or chips, tortillas or otherwise. _


Condimaniac limited, Registered in the United Kingdom Company number: 12042466