Potts' Seafood Sauce with Cajun Spice

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ Heat: 🔥 A quick Google reveals @potts_partnership to be a family run business that launched its first sauce in 2008. I always think of 2008 as quite recent, then I remember I'm old. Here's the scoop on their Seafood Sauce!

_ 👁 It's modern. The label has that kind of "I made this with a template I downloaded on the Adobe site" look but it's attractive for sure. There's no fluff, just words and a little fish, in a stout little pot, with a nice lid. I'm ok with that. _ 👅 The first thing that strikes you on placing this in your mouth is the tang. It's rich like mayonnaise but with more bite undoubtedly produced by the spirit vinegar used. In isolation it seems a bit much but that's good for seafood. Seafood and acidic flavours go really well together. After the richness comes the delicate tingle of the Cajun spice, it's nice although I'm not completely sure why it's there. Finally you get the bourbon in the form of a tiny sweetness, I was dubious about that addition but it does actually work. All in all this is a winner. _ 👬 This does what it says on the tin. I road tested it with some cod baked in honey, soy and lemon juice. It went really well as expected. Outside of seafood I can also see this with honey roasted ham, and the tart would balance out the sweet. _ 🍕 It's a mean dip. Really thick (see video) but not gelatinous. Anyone that reads my reviews will know that I'm a fan of thickness without the jelly and this delivers on that front.



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