Quinta D'Avo Especial Franco Hot Sauce

Rating: ⭐⭐ Heat: 🔥🔥 Born in Portugal in 1988 Quinta D'Avo Hot Sauces and Marinades pride themselves on using natural ingredients. Here's what I thought of their Especial Franco Sauce.

_ 👁 The label is nothing to shout about, neither good nor bad. I'm not a massive fan of the weird beige colour they use but the writing looks classic and overall it goes nicely with the colour of the sauce. The image they have of some chicken is also so small it's hard to see what it is! _ 👅 This is a classic hot sauce recipe. Very few ingredients and nice and fresh. The problem with hot sauces is, even though they re simple to make the balance of the ingredients is super important. Too much of one thing will overpower all the other flavours and ruin it. This unfortunately goes too heavy on the salt, it's very powerful and just tips this into a cheap tasting sauce for me. _ 👭 This is made for chicken and I road tested it with wings (pictured). It was beautiful. I put that partly down to the fact that I nailed the home made marinade on the wings so can't really credit the sauce. Hot Sauce is hot sauce though, so it goes with everything. _ 🍕 It's too thin to dip as it's quite high on the vinegar content. So I'd avoid dipping all together. Just poor it sparingly, or buy a nicer hot sauce.


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