Quinta's Salsa Mexicana Piripiri Chili Sauce

Rating: ⭐⭐ ⭐ Heat: 🔥🔥 To Mexico! Although this sauce is actually made in Portugal 😂 We have Quinta's Salsa Mexicana Piripiri Chili Sauce. This was another one that I picked up in TK Maxx. Another hot sauce with a Mexican flare.

_ 👁 It's presented simply with a label colour that compliments the colour of the sauce and give an organic feel to the look. I think that's the real strong point here though. The vibrant red of the sauce is really attractive and all natural! _ 👅 So this essentially a hot sauce but more geared to using on the table, so not mentally hot. It is a lingering heat though that builds the more of it you use. When I tried the sauce on its own I wasn't blown away, it's just a nice hot sauce with OK peppers used. This really shone when I tried it with a little fried potato/hash brown. Whilst not mind blowing on its own it does compliment foods with an onion base really well! _ 👭 So as mentioned above this sauce goes REALLY well with onion based things. Use it to make your Salsa hot as the name suggests or with a classic set of wings, onion rings and chips (That's fries to you americans). _ 🍕 Now hot sauces don't dip amazingly in general, they're better for pouring over your food as they absorb well. So be careful with this one, even if it's not mental hot it does have a kick and too much could ruin your food.


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