Hot Sauce Review: Raijmakers Heetmakers Immune Booster Hot Sauce

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Heat:🔥🔥 Exciting things are happening in The Netherlands. There's an amazing hot sauce scene growing and are at the forefront of this movement. They sent me a few sauces so consider this a collaboration. First up, @raijmakersheetmakers Immune Booster hot sauce!

_ 👁 Well it's a thing of beauty. Absolutely in love with the packaging. From the delicate text based design to the subtle logo printed directly onto the bottle. This is masterfully done and makes me excited to try what's inside. It's even got a little cork stopper! _ 👃 It smell of citrus freshness. You can definitely detect the lime but the gin also seems to give it a rich nosey finish. Let's see what the tongue is saying... _ 👅 It starts with a sweet fruity punch that's quickly followed by a salty garlic hit. The flavours are almost separate in their prominence, herbal intrigue dancing between layers of citrus. The heat is pleasant and instantaneous. Never growing beyond a mild burn, this could be used liberally. My only criticism is that you can't really taste the Gin but a lovely sauce none the less. _ 👫 This would work really well with Mexican food. With fresh tomato salsa or a cheesy quesadilla to add that extra fresh edge. _ 🍕 It's a moderately good dip. Naturally thick but not too sticky the bottle neck is the perfect width for pouring liberally on your food. What a treat.


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