Sauce Shop South Carolina BBQ Sauce

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ My first 5 star rating. This sauce really was something. Here's my review of the @sauce_shop South Carolina BBQ sauce.

_ 👁 Cool font, modern approach to presenting the bottle, glass and a lovely coloured sauce. It's simple, doesn't really scream super 'sophisticated' but I like that. No pretence. _ 👅 The first thing that hits is the mustard flavour here. It's powerful and initially I was wondering if that would be it..... nope. It quickly gives way to that slightly sweet Smokey BBQ flavour and a savoury umami that feels great. You can definitely taste that this has been made with real ingredients and nothing artificial. As a sauce it's something akin to what you'd imagine a chef would make as opposed to a company. Very well balanced. _ 👫 I just road tested this with some pizza and it went down a treat. It's a strong flavour, so you'd need to be careful what you pair it with. Cold food may not work as well... but any kind of meat would be fantastic from Chicken to Venison. _ 🍕 Brilliant dip, it's thicker than I would have imaged works well... But surprisingly it does. As it's almost pureed so it sticks really well to anything you dip!


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