Hot Sauce Review: Saucy Bitch Hot Stuff

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ Heat:🔥🔥 Saucy bitch or 'London's Own Sauce' are an independent company making fermented hot sauces for the heat lovers of the world. This is my second time going in on a sauce of theirs. Let's see what "Hot Stuff" has to offer!

_ 👁 This, like all their packaging looks pretty great. I mean it's a frenchie in a hoodie. What's not to love! The colours are fun, the graphic design flawless. Enough said really. _ 👃 Like many fermented sauces it smells sour and fresh. Largely sweet vinegar with a savoury undertone. _ 👅 Fermented hot sauce has a particular flavour and you've got to be into it. As well as the vinegar the process of fermenting the chillies makes it sour and this sauce bares that classic funky flavour. Whilst this is by no means unpleasant and the sauce is fresh, light and satisfying, I can't help but feel it's lacking something. It feels just a little bit one dimensional to me. If you're using simple ingredients the quality and balance needs to be perfect. _ 👫 The fresh flavour lends itself well to anything that's already rich but needs a bit of heat. Pizza would be a good place to start or maybe try it with oysters for that bit of extra zingggg. _ 🍕 As is often the case with fermented sauces the consistency doesn't lend itself amazingly well to dipping. Despite the use of Xantham gum to thicken. Give it a pour instead.


Condimaniac limited, Registered in the United Kingdom Company number: 12042466