Sautao XO Black Pepper Sauce

Rating: ⭐⭐ I was in Camden recently and found an oriental supermarket opposite the Odeon. It was an amazing place with a whole aisle Just for sauce. I found this pepper sauce... made by Sautao. Here's what I thought.

_ 👁 I like the way it looks. Simple, 3 colours but good use of fonts and space. Not that I really know what it says but I'm sure whatever it is it's great. The stout little jar is cute too. Understated. _ 👅 I hated this... BUT I feel like that's largely down to my undeveloped western palate not the quality of the sauce. It's an oil with what I can only assume is a massive lump of compressed pepper in the middle. What I wasn't ready for though was the extremely fishy taste. It's the first thing that hits you, before even the pepper. Imagine drinking anchovi oil that's had a whole pepper mill put into it and that's pretty much exactly the flavour. Must be a market for it though I guess... yuck. _ 👬 I find it hard to imagine what to put this with. Maybe use it in a stir fry? Or to flavour ramen? Yeah ramen would work well, has to be nice and spicy though. _ 🍕 It's definitely not a dipping sauce. More a cooking sauce but hey, if you really love fishy pepper fill your boots!



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