Sriracha Mayo

Updated: Nov 11, 2018

Rating: ⭐⭐ ⭐⭐ Next up we have a classic. It's @sriracha_fg Sriracha Mayo. Let's gets stuck in!

_ 👁 The bottles are lovely. I'm not usually a fan of plastic but if done properly it can look nice. It showcases the sauces deep colour and they keep the design monochromatic and simple. Which gives an impression of class. _ 👅 Sriracha Mayo is a combination of two condiments that I like very much. It's basically mayo+ and tastes exactly as you would expect it to. Creamy with that classic garlicy mild chilli spice that comes with Sriracha. However what makes this interesting is it's not made with eggs but soya. So it's lighter and not as bad for you! _ 👫 As the picture suggests... this BEGS for Sushi. It's so good with it. However it's pretty versatile. Use it in a burger or basically anywhere else you'd use normal mayo. _ 🍕 Whilst the consistency is good for dipping as with classic Sriracha the bottle nib suggests you're not supposed to use too much. So this is really an issue of quantity rather than quality. However if you get enough out it's good to go!


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