Succulento Savoury Tomato Curry

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ Heat: 🔥 Born in the depths of Aberdeen Scotland @succulentoltd aim to "Make eating an interesting experience". I find interesting to be an interesting word to describe eating. Let's see what their sauces tastes like shall we?!

_ 👁 It looks... well, boring. On the shelf you could easily mistake this for any other bargain own brand sauce made by the supermarket. A pretty crappy font on a white background with very little else going on. Soz but put in the effort y'all. _ 👅 It tastes better than it looks for sure. As the name suggests it's very savoury, the first thing you get is the curry powder followed but a kind salty tang from the tomatoes. They make good use of the onions and the peppers and it all melds really well. It reminds me of the curry ketchup that they love in Germany but is hard to find in the UK, as a result I got through this bottle pretty quickly and would definitely recommend as a staple table sauce to mix it up a bit. _ 👭 I road tested this in wraps, on potatoes and oddly with fish. Largely because I'm weird. It's versatile though and adds decent flavour to even the blandest of foods. _ 🍕 It's a good dipping consistency... when you can actually get it out of the bottle (see video). They've opted to use a hot sauce bottle for some reason and the small neck means it congeals easily at the top. If it wasn't for this it may have got a four, you've got to think of the details!


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