Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Heat:🔥🔥 Hohohoho! Today we have a festive edition of our reviews with a classic, the green pepper variety of @tabasco. Possibly the world's most famous hot sauce they claim this to be their mildest, let's see how this stands up.

_ 👁 The design is lovely and set a tone for how hot sauce can have class. The bottle is iconic in it's size and suggests that a little is enough. They keep the colours minimal and match the label font to the colour of the sauce which is a rich emerald green. I imagine they must get the bottles manufactured especially and have a patent. _ 👅 So I've levelled my criticisms against the classic red Tabasco, I generally feel it's good but a little overrated but this is a real treat. It's mild for sure but still has a little kick. First you get that vinegar taste though and rather than being unpleasant it's obvious that it's a nice one. That's followed by an almost sweet quality that these Jalapeño peppers have, I love Jalapeños if they're used right. Finally and most importantly they balance the salt well, which if an art in its self. _ 👭 I had a BBQ in the summer with some friends whilst camping and this went well with all kinds of meat from the grill. It would also work brilliantly in salsa as it's not too hot but fresh I'm flavour. _ 🍕 It's not a dipping sauce but the bottle is designed perfectly for pooring, it's got a thin nozzle so you can shake it like a Polaroid picture and only the right amount will come up. Happy holidays people! _


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