Taino 'Bacchanal Sauce'

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ Heat:🔥🔥🔥 The big day is so close! Next is 9 of 10 posts in collaboration with @hot_sauce_society, London's FIRST hot sauce festival! Coming this April 13th a host of hot sauce producers (including myself) will be gathering in Copeland Park, Peckham for a day celebrating the iconic condiment. I'm going to be reviewing 10 of them, 1 per day, ahead of it and now it's time for some Caribbean kindness with @thisistaino 'Bacchanal Sauce '.

_ 👁 Soooo... this looks like baby food. It's not a bad design as such, just the design has been applied to the wrong product and the jar doesn't really help matters. More importantly though, let's see how it smells and tastes. _ 👃 On giving it a sniff I get a sweet fruitiness with a tiny savoury undertone. I'm getting a good deal of onion, a tiny hint of garlic as well as a hint of vinegar, but oddly the vinegar is quite subtle. _ 👅 This is sweet first and foremost. It uses both pineapple and mango as the main ingredients so that makes a lot of sense. The heat is nice, I love scotch bonnets they have such a great flavour and pleasant exciting heat, a really versatile chilli. My reservation is mainly the balance of ingredients, the savoury elements almost feel out of place as the sauce is so fruit heavy... this may well be the intention but I'd definitely give it another look. _ 👭 Fruity sauces like this love cheese and they love burgers. So naturally I'd have this in a cheese burger as a substitute for relish, in that content I can see this being delicious. _ 🍕 It's also a really great dip. The stickiness you get from the fruit means it will adhere to whatever you like. Dunk in some mozzarella dippers and enjoy!


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